Bikes and other products

Our equipment

All our bikes are low geared making it easier to bike up the hills. The saddles are easily adjusted.

The distance between the saddle and the pedals are: Adult bike: 70-100 cm, Child bike 55-75 cm.

T Tandem1 260 SEK
A Adult bike 110 SEK
B Adult bike with basket 120 SEK
C Adult bike with basket and child seat 150 SEK
D Child bike 80 SEK
E Hand cart 80 SEK
F Picnic map Brännö 20 SEK
G Child helmet included
1) To be returned before 21:00 the first rental day. Penalty 90 SEK.

Self-service, prices and opening hours

The rental spots are serviced by a computerized rental system and are unmanned. Open all days 09:00 - 18:00 except Midsummer’s eve. The rental objects may be returned around the clock.

The prices apply for the first rental day to 21:00. Following rental days are half the price. Do not take any rental object to the mainland.

Renting on the spot

The payment and the code of the bike lock is provided via SMS. You need Swedish mobile phone subscription with SMS payments enabled (premium SMS).